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The House

The house is a two story, Victorian Gothic style cottage, with 1440 square feet of undivided interior space, steep roofs, 8 gables, and 2 small second-story decks. It comes completely furnished. There are no separate bedrooms. Beds are in alcove spaces on the first and second floors. There is a queen-size bed, a double bed, and a fouton couch that folds open to a double bed. Additional mattresses & cots are also available. Blankets, pillows and sheets are provided, but not towels.

There is a white wicker furniture set that includes a couch, love seat, chaise, rocker, armchair and two coffee tables. Also, there is a dining table with chairs on each floor. The ample kitchen area has a gas stove (with 4 burners and an oven), and a gas refrigerator (13 cubic feet, including a 3.2 cubic foot freezer). Several large ice chests or coolers are also available. Pots, pans, plates, silverware, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, napkins and a stock of staples and spices for cooking are provided. For many years, because of our remote location, we did not have a supply of running water in the house. Finally, we now have a well and have hot and cold running water in the kitchen and bathroom along with a shower and flush toilet.

For any cool foggy days you can have heat from two Jøtul woodstoves, one on each floor The doors of both woodstoves are made of glass, allowing you to see the glowing fire.  Solar panels and a back-up gasoline powered generator provide electricity for lighting after dark as well as for your other electrical needs: your laptop computer and cellphone chargers, our  microwave, toaster, ice-cream-maker, blender, cassette and CD player, iPod speakers, and DVD player. In addition we have a hammock, gas grill, children's games, puzzles, and a large library of books on island living for your use. There is also a wonderful old upright piano for you to play.For communication and safety you must bring your cellular phone and chargers. There is excellent cellular reception on the island. There is also a VHF Marine Band radio available for communicating with boats and getting weather and marine forecast information.